Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems Special Interest Group (SCIS)

SCIS represents companies that produce, package and/or distribute components, instruments, or subsystems. SCIS provides a forum that fosters discussion and aligns stakeholders on pre-competitive industry-critical issues.  The objectives of SCIS are the following:

  • Establish a framework that will enable industry partners to define:

    • Measurable defects for different components specific to intended process applications

    • Standardized test methods to measure the defects

    • Consistent methods for reporting the results

  • Implement an industry standard parts traceability process

    • Define standardized formats and protocols

    • Facilitate communication among suppliers, OEMs, and IDMs.

    • Enable efficient problem diagnosis and resolution

Upcoming meeting
July 22 @ SEMICON West
San Francisco, CA
November 5 @ SEMI HQ
Milpitas, CA

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