Wet Cleaning + ECD

ASNA compounds for wet cleaning are highly engineered for static, dynamic, and bonded applications that require minimal metallic ion contamination.

Thermal Applications

ASNA compounds are proven to have excellent thermal stability and maintain integrity at elevated temperatures often found in processes such as Oxidation, Diffusion, Annealing, and RTP.

Thin Film + Dry Etch


Thin Film, such as HDPCVD, PECVD, SACVD, PVD and ALD, along with Dry Etch and Ashing processes present harsh plasma and gas environments, often at elevated temperatures. Where traditional seals might break down in these conditions, ASNA next-generation compounds have excellent chemical and thermal resistance and are virtually impervious to extreme fabrication processes.


Designed for optimal lifetime


Excellent performance in high temperature applications


Excellent plasma resistance


Withstands higher sealing loads


Outstanding physical properties


Ultra-high purity

High Performance O-rings


ASNA has a great deal of experience manufacturing a full range of standard O-ring sizes, AS-568A, JIS series, and Metric sizes. Our in-house tool makers have extensive experience fabricating high precision standard and custom molds to meet the most demanding applications with a short response time.
ASNA’s highly integrated design and manufacturing processes are dedicated to provide our customers with standard products or custom made-to-order seals and rubber components to the highest quality standards.

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