Malcolm Rollason


Applied Seals North America, Inc. (ASNA) has evolved into a premium global logistical supplier to the semiconductor industry, from its early beginnings in 2009 in the very complex and demanding aspects of the logistics supply chain serving their initial areas of the West Coast.


We have progressed and expanded our logistical reach across North America with multiple areas of consignment inventory management. 


These areas of logistical supply management currently continue to exhibit an on time delivery supply in excess of a 99% percentile, and have done so for the past 3 years, this is an achievement that we at ASNA are extremely proud of in a very demanding industry that has come to virtually exist on a JIT (Just–in–time) system of supply.


Over the last couple of years our logistical reach within the supply chain has begun to encompass the added regions of the Asian market, and recent expansion into the European market too.


From our perspective the ASNA Global logistical reach and attention to achieving the finest supply chain is indicative of our mission for not only SMART Sealing products but to promote a SMART philosophy towards an on time continuous unbroken supply of our products to a very demanding global customer base within the semiconductor industry.


Many of the large Semiconductor OEM manufacturers and end users alike expect and look to their suppliers and vendors to be experts of the supply chain maze, this is where we constantly strive to meet and exceed those expectations for our complete global customer base.