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ASNA (Applied Seals NA, Inc.) headquarters is a full service and application / engineering support facility located in Fremont, CA.  This site, along with the global offices that operate under its umbrella, offers the service and support imperative to handle semiconductor global requirements.  Our design laboratory offers complete engineering analysis, material recommendations and solutions to address the demands of this industry.  Those services become critical to the success not only of evaluation, but understanding what will be the ultimate solution without losing valuable time and unending explorations of data to ascertain the problem and lead to its solution.  ASNA prides itself in being the expert ‘corner’ to evaluate, educate, and respond with a solution focused on the issues at hand.

Applied Seals Taiwan

At ASNA, we know that harsh chemical and high temperature semiconductor processes require optimal seal performance and integrity. ASNA SMART Sealing® solutions are created to enable the most advanced sealing expertise possible in the global market. We take special pride in helping the industry not just with materials as impervious as possible to any process media  (including those in all manufacturing process of plasma, deposition, thermal, and wet application such as: Etching, Ashing, HDPCVD, PECVD, Diffusion, LPCVD, RTP, Lamp Annealing, Wet Etching, Photoresist Stripping, Copper Plating, Cleaning, and more) but also in addressing the unique nuances of the equipment in which these processes are created.

certified AS 9100D
certified ISO 13485
certified ISO 9100

Behind our application team in ASNA, our manufacturing facility is dedicated to enhancing ultraclean processing and maximizing manufacturing productivity. Applied Seals Co. Ltd. provides the next generation of advanced sealing components focused on the major ‘clean’ industries we call Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical as well as LED.

    All of our production processes are tightly controlled. Manufacturing and packaging of fluoro-elastomer seals for highly demanding semiconductor applications are performed within Class 10,000 cleanroom environments and Class 100 packaging that includes strict adherence to cleaning procedures for reducing metal contaminants as well as organics.

    This facility delivers the most reliable sealing solutions at the best possible cost of ownership (COO) and with short lead times that have often made the difference in customers whose part requirements were critical. Our products are proven to maintain high-integrity seals while withstanding the thermal variances, harsh chemicals, and ultrafine particles encountered within high-tech manufacturing equipment. Consideration is also given to provide "green" sealing products capable of being recycled.

ASNA product portfolio of materials include those that perform with the highest degree of chemical compatibility, along with those that withstand thermal variances while striving to help our customers understand how sealing integrity includes the complexity of process, hardware and the ever changing demands that our customers require. Whether it involves older generation equipment, or the newest technologies, ASNA is here to serve and become the experts that can be counted on for the best solutions, best service and the trust required to become the supplier of choice for all sealing requirements.

Applied Seals Cleanroom
ISO 13485 Certificate
AS9100D Certificate
ISO 9001 Certificate
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