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Successful Sealing Solutions: 
from Design, Prototyping, Installation, Test, and Production

From prototype to final solution, ASNA' engineering team offers comprehensive services and supports on material recommendation, product design, installation technique, performance analysis, etc. 

Performance / Failure Analysis

Thermal degradation, mechanical degradation, plasma chemical attack, inherent design flaws...... various causes can lead to failures of a seal. By examing the traces, marks, profile, and residue on used samples, ASNA engineers are able to analysis the seal performance and the possible failure modes.

Material / Design recommendation


Not all elastomer seals are created equally, Thermal, chemical, and hardware considerations can greatly influence the type of seals needed for a specific application. 

Strong compounds and suitable profile designs are essentials of reliable perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) sealing components.

Platform / Groove evaluation 

Platform and groove evaluations is the foundation of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seal material and design recommendation. Our solution finds balance between the possibly highest expectation and actual process limitation. 

Prototyping & Installation


Proper installation prevents over-streching and twisting which causes pre-failure of seal components; helps to make sure a consistent sit of seal components to grooves for the ideal performance.  This is especially true perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) seal.  Our installation videos and tools walk you through the installation with no mistakes.

Sealing Technology Training / Seminar

From tool owners to maintenance technicians; from components engineers to facility managers, ASNA Seal technology training program provides necessary and up to date knowledge on the variety of available seal products and why selecting the right solution invloves much more than matching sizes and colors.

BKM (Best Known Method) Guidebook

ASNA BKM Guidebook

Offer a guidebook for NW / ISO fittings and clamps in semiconductor SubFab applications, to further enhance the success with practical purpose in mind.  For more details, submit your online request to obtain the BKM Guide.

Thank you for your submission.

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