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ASNA Calculated Engineering


  • ​Engineering tool

  • Validation and recommendations

  • Dimensions, groove and fill characterization

  • Application-specific Optimization

  • User friendly

  • Guide to Best Knowns Methods (BKM)

  • Mitigates seal risks

  • Proper groove for “right” material selection

  • Specific customers’ requirements

Welcome to ASNA Calculated Engineering (ACE®)

An ASNA tool created to assure the optimal conditions possible for our perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) materials and thus, resulting in the most reliable sealing elements. The functions available in this tool will allow engineering to assure dimensions, grooves and environments are correct as well as offer optimal hardware configurations. We also feature design validation and fill in the blanks for all areas of sealing considerations. Customization is also available along with a talented team on stand-by when any and all information requires additional insight, approval as well as quotes for commercial values.

Utilization of this tool will realize more productive time and efficiency and absolute seal reliability from the start of the project and improve the lifetime of the materials and designs chosen for that purpose. Added features will continue to make our ACE® calculator the design tool of choice when working with the newest, more customized versions of materials necessary in today’s harsh and complicated Semiconductor manufacturing requirements.

Estimate Ring Size
Estimate Groove Size
ACE Calculator
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