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The application engineering team at ASNA has been serving the semiconductor industry since 2009.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is a complicated system that incorporates chemical, mechanical, physical and electrical technology. As the semiconductor technology node goes toward 22nm and beyond, a simple O-ring is no longer able to satisfy the fast progress of semiconductor industry. ASNA engineers are dedicated to provide either an optimized solution or a completely new solution to meet customers’ expectation.

A successful seal design needs to take chemical, mechanical, thermal and usability into consideration. ASNA engineering team provides SMART sealing solution which uses 3D CAD software along with finite element analysis (FEA) software to optimize the life, performance, functionality and the most important, cost-efficiency. Rubber material is a complex polymer network and filler mixture. ASNA uses specialize testing method to model rubber mechanical, thermal and viscoelastic behavior which lead to a successful design and sealing solution.

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