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Dalia Vernikovsky is awarded the SEMI Above and Beyond Award

Dalia Vernikovsky CEO & General Manager Applied Seals North America (ASNA)

Dalia Vernikovsky has served as the Chair of the SCIS committee since its official launch in July of 2013. In early 2013, Dalia engaged SEMI with a vision of forming a special interest group that would represent, for the first time, the common interests of subsystem and component suppliers. ​​From its inception, Dalia has championed efforts toward the formation and growth of SCIS. Today, it is a vibrant and highly active special interest group of 50 members and includes both suppliers and customers jointly engaged in supporting key industry issues, such as ​defectivity, standards, roadmap development, and more. It is in recognition for these exemplary efforts noted, that SEMI and the SCIS Steering Committee recognize Dalia Venikovsky with the SEMI SCIS Above and Beyond Award.

SCIS is a Special Interest Group focused on the common issues of components, instruments, and subsystem companies. The Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems (SCIS) Special Interest Group represents companies that produce, package and/or distribute any of the following used in semiconductor or related industries including: components such as seals, filters, mass flow controllers, valves, sensors, ion beam sources, etc.; instruments for in-line and off-line data measurement, collection, and monitoring; and sub-systems that support process tools e.g. vacuum, robotics, power conversion, abatement, chillers, etc..

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