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SMARTSeal PRISM OneKit™ - Fully assembled, color coded subfab seal system proudly supplied by ASNA

Why reinvent the seal? It is widely known that, for SubFab applications, traditional FFKM seals, while great performers, are not cost effective. Neither are filler-diluted FFKMs, specialty cross-sections, re-engineered centering rings or custom shaped glands. These approaches to SubFab sealing performance limit supply options, raise potential safety concerns and add to long term costs. There’s a better path to SubFab sealing performance: SmartSeal PRISM OneKit™.

PRISM OneKit™ - One simple solution Commonplace today, many manufacturers change out their Viton seals to a FFKM. While seemingly innocuous or convenient, the practice is problematic. Stretching and twisting of the seal during assembly routinely leads to leaks, compression set, potentially compromised safety and premature failure. By contrast, the PRISM OneKit™ is a complete clean room assembled and stringently inspected seal system. No assembly is required. The result? Your assurance! SMARTSeal PRISM OneKit™ performs as promised every time.

No compromise Applied Seals’ new SmartSeal PRISM OneKit™ yields unparalleled performance across every SubFab application. Expressly designed for SubFab manufacturing economies and exceptionally resilient to extreme operating temperatures, PRISM OneKit™ handles more aggressive gases and intensive gas flows. PRISM OneKit™ delivers sealing integrity without compromise. Reliability and long term SubFab durability are, at last, affordable.

Downtime mitigated SmartSeal PRISM OneKit™ reduces maintenance time too. Employing an innovative, systematic color-coding system, PRISM OneKit™ cuts down time by identifying what seal is in use without tooling tear-down. Never again will you find your-self delayed while determining the correct seal for every process and every location.

PRISM OneKit™ is ideally suited for foundry work too. And its color-coding system can be customized to fit your specific operations. PRISM OneKit™ helps you make the most of your resources and delivers more uptime productivity. Want to learn how PRISM OneKit™ can enhance your operations? Contact ASNA for complete specifications.


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