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Responding to COVID-19

To: Our Important Friends, Customers, and Colleagues

From: The ASNA team

We are hoping this message finds everyone well and healthy. We realize that these times are unprecedented and there are many challenges facing us all, which is why we are reaching out to you.

ASNA is very focused on the business concerns regarding sealing solutions, production and delivery. To the best of our ability, we are committed to maintaining and offering our broad range of product and engineering services.

ASNA remains committed to our customers and our responsibility to this industry. We will continue to pursue excellence in our area of expertise.

We are working daily with our manufacturing, suppliers and delivery/freight services to confirm that product to our customers are not delayed. ASNA will be sharing this information to our partners and customers.

Please join us on the following social media platforms where we will be working on keeping all updates and notices:

We extend our very personal and professional best wishes to you.

We appreciate your comments and are here to answer your questions as we know them. We are grateful for your support.

All our best,

Dalia Vernikovsky & the ASNA team

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